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I am almost two weeks post op and now I'm getting to the point where I'm sick of pureed foods and I am ready to eat 'normal' food. I do not want hamburgers or french fries, I just want a grilled chicken sandwich or some semblance of regular healthy food. What is the harm in that?? Is there any consequence in eating whole food as long as I chew it up?? Or am I sabotaging myself? Please help!

On another note, I lost 12lbs during my pre op fast and its been almost two weeks and I have only lost 5 lbs is that normal?? I don't want to be hard on myself for not losing enough weight when I am on the right track. Also I have not felt full yet! I do not feel nearly as hungry all the time like the past, and I eat less than half of what I used to, but I never feel full or uncomfortable or anything, I know I haven't had a fill yet so maybe that is normal???

Just wondering and hoping for some of the fenominal insight from my fellow banders!



Mary said...

GO BY WHAT YOUR DOCTOR TELLS YOU... No matter how much you want it do what they tell you!! There is a point of a Post op diet and that is for healing your stomach if you eat to soon you may cause your band to slip or something else could go wrong. I got tired of the purees too and I even caught myself taking a bite of something chewing it up and spiting it in the garbage. I just cant stress enough DO WHAT THEY TELL YOU!

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