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So I disappeared after my surgery on Monday, but I can explain!!

Sunday: My boyfriend, Rico, and I went to Comfest to hang out before I left for my home, home for the week to recuperate after my surgery. Comfest is like Columbus' version of Woodstock. A bunch of local bands play at the park downtown and everyone goes down to enjoy the music, the carnival food, and the hippie atmosphere. We had alot of fun walking through all the little shops selling tie-dye clothes, tarot card readings, and fun nick-knacks. It was my last day of the pre-sugery fast and boy can I just say it was difficult not getting a lemon-ice or a gyro, but I just got a large cup of diet soda and trudged on! Then Rico surprised me and took me to the movies, which was even more difficult than the carnival food, you never notice how strong and delicious the smell of popcorn is at the movies until you can't have it. But I was smart and I brought my little chocolate fast bar and that satisfied me enough to avoid the delicious beast! Then to top it all off, after the movies Rico and I ran into the grocery store ( a place I had been avoiding all week by the way) so he could pick up some bread and milk. So I see all these foods that I crave and I want and I bought a healthy request soup for after the surgery. Moral of the day, I can and will not give in to temptation, I have the ability to say no and with the proper planning I can find appropriate alternatives to help me avoid foods that are unhealthy!

Monday: Monday was the big day! So I haven't explained that my mom and I were banded together. So I drove to my home, home (if any of you have or are in college you will understand that Columbus is my college home and Sidney is my home,home or the place where my parents live and where I grew up) at like 1:00 AM because I am a severe procrastinator and I had not packed or even washed my clothes before I got hoome at 8:00 Sunday evening. So I got home at about 2:30AM and went to bed, thinking that that way I would be too sleepy to be nervous - so didn't work! We woke up at 6:30AM to drive to Cincinnati where we had our surgery, but the appointment was not until 10:30. So we waited for two and a half hours waiting and it was not fun! I just did not want to think about the surgery, in fact I had avoided thinking about this part the entire time. Finally they take me to the very cold back room and try for about 10 mins to get an IV in me ( I have very tesy veins) and then they ask me all these questions and take me to another room, one second Im moving to the sugery table and then lights out! I wake up groggy and totally out of it and asking about my mom, who went after me and then they are shoving apple juice in my hand and then my mom is rolled beside me and then and then and then. Needless to say I was totally out of it! So out of it that they kept telling me I had to stay awake because I just couldn't. I forced myself to stay awake long enough for them to let me get into the car and then I was asleep again! Which was basically all I did all day long. My mom had visitors, but I slept.

Tuesday: Like I said before I did not even think about the fact that this was a surgery, that they wer cutting me open and mostly that it would hurt! So when it did hurt and when I did not feel like eating anything but pain killers I was a little taken back, because I wasn't prepred. What I really wasn't prepared for was that my mother would be recuperating so much better that I! While I couldn't lay down, couldn't get up, didn't want to eat or move or do anything, my mom was doing really fricken well! I am extremely competetive, so this was very disheartening for me. I mean I'm younger and in better health I thought for sure I would have been at least as good of shape as my mom! But no I was a real baby, crying and hurting and in need of care. I did learn an important lesson - I have to eat! I hdn't ate and my mom sent me take a bath, which was not a pleasant experience and afterwards I almost pasted out for lack of eating, which did not please my mom. But I learned my lesson.

OK so getting caught up from a whole week of being absent is alot of work. My fingers hurt from typing, so lets make this a to be continued blog for later today or tommorrow!


mamawood said...

congrats on your surgery. i hope to be banded in the next month.

i'm sure your mom recovered better for one of two reasons 1) she had been through childbirth and nothing is as painful as that or 2) she was being brave and taking care of her baby.

Beth said...

haha probably so, also she has had 3 c -sections so we thought maybe she was just not so sensitive to the pain

CurvasPeligrosas said...

That is so neat that your mom got it done with you, so you can each go thru the whole journey together! :)

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