Be who you are and say what you feel because those that care do not matter and those that matter do not care 
Dr. Suess

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my ticker

I'm battling my body

Do you ever feel like you have uncontrollable cravings that will just work at you for hours, this voice that will just gnaw at you until you find something chocolaty delicious and naughty? I have been getting these visits quite frequently lately and honestly its driving me bonkers. I think I will even name this voice Shela.
This is my day, I wake up run around at classes big break, have my very well planned out lunch of spaghetti squash with veggies, start eating and then ... I do not even finish eating when Shela decides she wants to play, you need something yummy and bad, that food you have is good, but don't cha want something better. So I Amuse her with a stroll through the goodies at the coffee shop in the building, M&Ms aren't so bad a choice, so to keep her at bay I pick one up and start eating those, next thing I know I have downed a whole bag in like a minute, and Shela is not satisfied ... So now that I am under Shela's trance I go down stairs to look for more candy at the vending machines and that damn things are broke. I'm FREAKING! I need some damn chocolate Shela won't shut up and I have no way of getting any, which is good but bad Oh Reese's I want you I need you ....

Is this not rediculous, I truly feel like a crack addict and if it wasn't for the fact that its 15 degrees and I hate the cold I would be walking to a store right now to satisfy this craving, I am not hungry and I know it but I what I am is way harder to satisfy. I can overcome alot of things but its this feeling right now that has always been my down fall when it comes to weight loss, I know I need to learn to ride out the cravings, but damn Shela is one strong force.


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