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Ready to Rock it

193 ... that was a cute little joke, I got home after what I would say was a VERY good eating day, got on the scale with the intention of taking a picture for the challenge and I saw 196.4 !!!!!!! Needless to say not a good sight, I mean I know that weight fluctuates, but by 3lbs, that is not typical for me and not after a good eating day, having not consumed anything (although I did drink alot of water that night). Well unfortunately that was my kicker, that and my inability to get my computer charged so I could run to find wi-fi and sign up for the challenge. Well things of course didnt work out so well... my computer was beyond dead and I think my charger croaked sooo I couldnt get it set up. Well for some reason that frustration made it acceptible to go into the fridge and grab my emergency butterscotch brownies all 3 half cupcake size ones!!!!!!

Well I went to sleep with the brownie crumbs over my face (as well as shame,) woke up and the scale said 194 - meh not great, not terrible, not 193!!!! Well yesterday was an OK day I woke up did a hard core workout - 150 cals on the runner elliptical thing (great for running but better on my knees) ((11 mins)) 150 cals on the stairmaster (10mins), 150 cals on this side stepper (12mins) and then I did 15 mins of elliptical for 200 cals. I was very sweaty very rock star work out girl mode. Umm and food not too terribly bad, but I will say it was the 4th and the strawberry pie did get the best of me (and the quac and chips and the moosetracks icecream) but in my defence I got my monthly visit so as far as Im concerned when I start I DESERVE a double scoop moosetracks ... period!!!!! Plus maybe that has something to do with why the scale was up a little when I was suuure it was gonna be lower (thats my story and im stickin to you)

Im not looking at the scale until next Sunday, I dont like this not knowing, but I even more dont like that I have terrible cravings after work and if the scale doesnt reflect my hard work I think that gives me a right to throw a tantrum and v-line it towards UDF for some icecream lovin'. Therefore I dont know, Im gonna just pretend that I am having an amazing week and wake up everyday like I just saw 185 or something and use that momentum to make good consious eating decisions and work out like an all-star!!!!!! I am working allll day long all week - literally all day, the latest I come in is 9:00 AM and I leave at 11PM !!!!!!! I am NOT bringing in my card oh hheeeeeeelll no, cause I know with these hours my confert whisper will be talkin banana pudding shake nonesence and Im just not havin it - I don't need it and I can and WILL prove that I am stronger than a whisper. I woke up at 5:30 AM went to the gym did my 45 mins of elliptical and dashed to work today (so proud) - the goal is to continue and do it all week. I know if I can just eat the healthy stuff I pack and go to my early morning workouts I am just sure I can see the 180s before vacation if not by Sunday!!!!!!

Ok so there is my pep talk, I hope everyone is having a good beginning of the week and is ready to rock it :)


Amanda Kiska said...

I've been having scale issues too. it really messes with your mind, doesn't it? It sounds like you're already getting back to normal. Good job!

Tim said...

I think strawberry pie would have got the better of everyone. I've never hard that before but it sounds AMAZING!

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Bandita Senorita said...

You are doing so well with the workouts! I'm sure the food aspect will catch up with the overall health regimen soon!

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