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Dr. Suess

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I am a Foodaholic

OK, So I know this is so0o0o bad and totally not how I should be approaching my band, but I went to the grocery and bought 'bad food,' I mean food that I never even buy: German chocolate cake mix, rainbow chip icing, twizzlers, golden grahams, cinnamon rolls, toaster strudles, pizza, and a bag of bertolli pasta. So yea, I cannot beleive I am admitting this to you all this, but I its time to fess up and move on. I Am a Foodaholic! I just got to the grocery store and went crazy thinking about all the foods I will no longer have for the next 3 months once I start my fast and I get banded, so its over now and I will enjoy the food I bought and on Monday I'm starting my fast. 
I only have to fast for one week, which makes me very lucky, but I'm still really afraid, I have to stick to this fast, if I cannot do that I shouldn't get banded, I have to do the work. I'm putting alot of pressure on myself in that aspect, but if I can stick to this fast without being banded then I can hold on to that. I will say to myself every time I feel nausiated, every time I want to grap a can of icing, I can say to myself, I can do this because I did it without the band. I want this more than anything in the world, but I need to be dedicated and determined and this week will help me bring these out of me. 
Wish me luck!


Mary said...

Just be careful with that because I did that as well and gained an extra 21lbs so thats just extra that you have to lose. I regret doing it because It was just more work for me in the end. It may taste good now but think of how much more work its going to be.

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