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my ticker

my ticker

OK so I'm back! I work really strange hours during the weekend (I'm a server) and so I have a hard time keeping up with my page on the weekends. And my computer was being worked on. Then I just let my life get in the way of my blog time and the next thing I knew it was Wednesday and I hadn't posted! So here we go, lots to get you all updated with.

So the crazy feasting is over! I felt pretty damn guilty about all my eating. I knew if the doctor and all the nice ladies at the lap-band center knew what I was doing they would be shaking their heads and asking me if this was a very wise choice. Plus I do not want to make this like every other time I have decided to start a diet 'on Monday' and Monday never comes. But eating all that junk helped in a weird way, because by the end of the weekend I was so sick of food I no longer cared what I was eating.

So I am bound and determined to stick to this fast, even though I think its pretty close to cruelty. I have to eat only a fraction of the amount I used to with the same size stomach, only to know that soon I will not physically be able to eat anything! (Now I read this I sound like such a baby!) But anyways I have been writing down, and saying: 'I will stick to my fast, I can stick to my fast, I have control over what I put in my mouth' over and over again. One of the nice ladies at the lap=band center gave me this idea, she said its like I'm learning something new and the best way to do that i to use all your senses. This was a genus idea! I have been doing it especially when I first wake up and when it starts to get a little difficult to stay with the fast.

I am extremely proud to say that this is day three and I have stuck to my fast for all three days! I only have four more days of this and I am very optimistic. I really just want to be able to say I stuck to the fast completely and so I can use that as motivation when I feel week after my band. I mean honestly if I can do this with a regular ravenous stomach I can do anything once I have my band. Day one was actually really easy, I worked in the morning and spent the whole day looking for a new apartment with my friends Kati, so I as well distracted and sick of food from the insane week-end long binge. I also realized what tasted good and what tasted not so good: Oatmeal, apples and cinnamon = good, maple and brown sugar = tasteless mush, shakes: all pretty tasty minus the tropical banana (sadly I ordered 7 portions so I have to eat one of those nasty concoctions every day), Soups: tomato = good, cream of mushroom= interesting/OK. chili = not so much! chai latte = yumo!, and finally the peanut butter chocolate bars are absolutely delicioso! (i'm not sure if thats because everything else is so blah or if they are just really that good haha) Yesterday was a bit harder. I really just want to chew something of substance. The worst part was I worked a night shift, I get most of my cravings at night and being near all that temptation was extremely difficult! Today I feel was better, I have found ways to make alot of the not do tasty foods pretty good. I put seasoning in the cream of mushroom soup, I am going to try to add a little sugar free maple syrup to the oatmeal, and I mized the tomato and chilli soup and added some seasonings and it was damn good! My last meal tonight is the dreaded tropical banana shake, but I'm going to try using a little sugar free flavored water and see if that makes it any better (wish me luck!)

So overall everythings going well, I weighted myself, and I have lost 7 pounds since the last time my doctor weighed me! That is a huge motivator, I want to get weighed in on Monday and amaze the doctors and nurses with my weight loss. I just realized in five days I will be banded, how crazy is that!

Until tommorrow!

P.S. if anyone knows how to add the weightloss measurement stick-thingy that many of you banders have on your page, plz help me out!


Sarah said...

since you said you are technology impaired I thought this might help. hahahaha It's a step by step tutorial on how to get one, with pictures!

the website for the actual ticker is

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