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I miss my ladies

So life has been a blur, if anyone is on my facebook you may have seen the insane amount of pics I just uploaded from the last few weeks, its a myriad of all the activites I have been doing for my Spanish class. If not here are some highlights:

I have been one busy bee, but I miss my ladies!! I know at this point catching up on the last month's worth of blogs is probably impossible, so if I missed something important, I'm sorry!!! But I am finally free so I will be much more attentive.  I really loved the work I did this summer, even if it was an insane amount of work. I love the kids at the Centro de Esperanza, I have made connection and friendsships as well as have a place volunteer and contribte to the community. I have found I really enjoy teaching ESL classes, its fun, like playing school, but the students actually listen and do what I say ha ha

Ok well I havent slept since monday so im exhausted and its time to crash - i will be blogging tomorrow, and its another photoe pic, AND for all you creepers I will be showing you my belly, yup the zebra print abdomen - I know you are shaking with anticipation. There is a reason I will be flashing the world my torso, but ill get into that tommorrow!! 
- tootaloo  


DiZneDiVa said...

I think I am excited about seeing your torso... is it a tattoo we're talking about? I am glad you are back posting. *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..."

Jenny said...

Great photos!

Kerri said...

Love the photos!!! You are so cute!

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