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Will I Ever Learn??/

So here I sit, I year, 5 months after surgery, 97 or so pounds down and still, I have NOT completely understood that I cannot 1.) eat certain foods 2.) eat more than a half a cup of food. In front of me sits an almost full cup of french fries, and a not even touched basket of bonless barbeque wings. It sounded so0o0o good and I got them. I know ,I know its a horrible choice, but I will tell you I cannot even remember the last time I had either item so don't judge me too hard. But anyway, I had umm I would say 6 french fries and now I sit, not hurting, not regretting it, but filled. I know if I have another bite it will be only of question of how long it will be til Im running to the bathroom. The barbeque smells so good, Im contemplating licking it.

So there ya go, for all you newbies and perspective bandsters know that everyone reverts, thats why we have a band.
.... Now what am I gonna do with all this food ??? uff


Tim said...

you could email it all to me! it sounds amazing :)

Brooke said...

Ugh, I still do the same thing sometimes but I can eat more than half a cup, I can eat a cup to 1.5 cups- and restriction doesn't kick in right off the bat, grrrr.

Still you think/hope that with restriction even the temptation will go away-- only it doesn't.

At least it's not like it was before :-)

90 lbs!!!!! You are a band superstar!!!

DiZneDiVa said...

A little bit won't hurt you... I will always eat a few of my hubby's sweet potato fries if he orders them... and sometimes I encourage him to order them... Bad girl? not really, but i know ordering them myself will allow me to eat too much or eat too little protein. or like in your case... both. You are an amazing rockstar! Keep on rockin' it! *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Follow my journey at

Meli said...

the amazing thing could only eat like 6 fries. thats pretty awesome in my opinion.

Gen said...

I totally have a problem with fries -- can't eat them but always ready to try!

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