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I Wish Wednesday

So I think Im gonna be a follower and partake in my girl Draz's I Wish Wednesday.

I wish I could get a handle on the carbs. Mostly the sugar, I have become a carb-a-holic in the last week and its really miffing me seeing as I have also become a work-out-a-holic and I KNOW I would be in the 180's right now if it wasn't for these intense cravings/ my weak mind. I am going to pay extra attention to taking my clacium and magnesium as that sometimes helps me when I get all sugar crazy and well I guess its time for me to start talking to myself. Affirmations reallyt help me and I have learned if I beleive I can control my sugar cravings I can!! And I really wish I could see the 180's that would e amazing.

I wish I could have my clothes that I ordered on Moday right now! You have no idea how excited I am about clothes, I have never in my life been able to be stylish and trendy and well I am ready to be, I am tall and am startin to see that cute bod, so I think I will look somewhat like those girls in the catalogs (maybe they got me tho :S) I also wish that everything fits, if it does I may just have to vlog a little, my skinny clothes fit me jig.

Speaking of vlogs I wish that I could figure how to get vlogs to download onto blogger, it will upload for hours and nothing!

I wish I could eat Japenese food everyday of my life! I am eating leftovers right now and I must say delicioso!!!

I wish all you amazing ladies knew how much I love and appreciate you. I have NEVER felt so empowered, supported, and loved as I do in this community - Thankyou!! I am so excited to see you all as real people, not cyber being in Chicago, I am warning you now I may run up and hug some of you as if we are long time freinds so sorry for the weird factor in advance :) I also wish I wasnt nervous about Chicago, meeting you all is like meeting all these people I so admire and I want badly to make a good impression and be as accepted and loved in real life as I feel in my cyber world.

and finally, I wish I could meet someone, I am soo0o on the prowl (meow) I am ready ready to date, to flirt, to make out a bit ( OK maybe alot but whatever) !!


-Grace- said...

Bring on the bear hug, honey!! Can't wait!

Carmen said...

lol i've been thinking about posting a question to everyone if they are huggers or not! :-)

Jess said...

I'm right there with ya on those damn carb cravings! It seems to be my permanent downfall! I hope you get out of your rut. At least you are working out too. When I mess up and eat something pretty durn bad, I feel like a complete failure and use it as an excuse to do nothing "good" for the rest of the day. That includes eating and exercising! haha My mind is my own enemy.

Jenny said...

Carbs are such a trigger food for me! I can't give them up....

Drazil said...

I can't wait to see the clothes. Atkins is good for me cuz I was a huge carb freak too! And I wish you knew how much we love you too! Can't wait to hug your sassy fashionista self!

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