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Hi all, you can spank me cause as usual I have been naughty, I haven't blogged in ohh ya know a week and a half, do I have an excuse - no! I have just been lazy oh yea and I guess I didnt want to have to admit to everyone that I have become miss franklin country sugar queen. I mean its bad, bad is an understatement, terrible still not even breaking ground astronomical - maybe close. OK so I will admit last week I ate a can of chocolate fudge frosting. OMG what the hell is wrong with me?? Please someone grab my fat ass in Chicago take me to a room and all you ladies must have an intevention and afterwards send me to sugar rehab PLEASE!!! I have not looked at my scale in a week, last time I checked it was at 191 hells yea, but after this terrible episode I know looking at the scale right now would not be fun, so I am trying my damnest to cut out the carbs completely as I need some detox time and maybe by Friday I will have the strength to get on the scale - maybe. Or I can just leave it at I weight 190 so I can say I have lost 95 pounds while we are in Chicago and let the truth come out on Monday when I go to the doctor's and he tells me well, fat ass, you have gained weight since your unfil :S. Thank god I will be getting a fill on Monday tho I am in desperate need of some salene.

So I did get my clothes last Thursday, I waited all day for them and I truly thought I was going to lose my mind waiting for them. Everytime I heard a truck drive by I RAN to the window to see if it was that big brown truck bringing me presents. So I told you I bought an exobant amount of clothes and I thought nothing would better describe this than a picture of the boxes of clothes I got:

I was most definately not kidding about amount right, and I will more than likely be paying this credit card bill for quite some time :S But needless to say as of now I am in textile heaven!!! Almost everything fits -wow! All of my shirts and sweaters fit but there are two pairs of jeans that need to some work and a few dresses. My ample buttom half just isnt quite there yet, but I see it as something to work for, bery shortly I am sure I will be fitting in them :)

So I did snap a some photos of a few outfits so here ya are:
Pardon my messy room in this one, I was in the process of cleaning out all my old clothes and organizing the new ones.
Speaking of which I went through all my old clothes and tried on some things I have from last year and let me tell you this was when I realized it, I am so0o0o much smaller than I was then and there is a huge difference now from even 6 months ago. And keeping with the theme I took some pics of me in my old clothes - just a warning I have not shirt on, I have my bra on, but just thought Id give ya the heads up before I flached my' belly at ya'all

These capris were seriously tight in the spring (Aprilish) and now they fall off of me, the first pic you can dee my extra space in the abdomen and to me the most amazing thing is the second one, my thighs are a trouble area and when I first started wearing these capris that were so tight on my thighs!

These sweat pants did not even fit me when I first started this journey last July and now they are enormous, this was an eye opener for me, I have a hard time giving myself credit or even acknowledging that I am smaller, but here it makes it obvious, I have lost ALOT of weight and I am on my way, I should really just congradulate myself and not be so hard on myself about this chill time in the 190's. But Im just ready to quit the sugar, the binges and the bullshit, I am ready see the numbers moving again - so why am I sabbotaging myself??? I dont really know but it time I found out or at least got my shit together.

Oh and you ladies have no clue how insanely excited (and nervous) to see you all in 3 DAYS - holy hell!


Ali said...

Wow, you've come a long way! Nothing like digging out the old clothes to bring it home just how much we can change in a year.

Kerri said...

Holy are HOT!!!

Jess said...

Wow! Kickin' ass and takin' names!

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