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So I am back, finals are over and I have just caught up on all your lovely blogs, I tried to comment on most, but ya know how that goes when you have like 25 blogs to catch up on!

First order of buisness - I am now going to BOOBS!!! I am so excited, I really have been wanting to go, but I have this little rejection issue, so I couldn't bring myself to be all will someone plz be my roomie thing - koodos to all that can, not me. So Liz and I ( and possibly a third) will be going so get ready, I can't waitto meet all you amazing ladies!!

Now that I have Chicago to look forward to I am feeling really motivated, I want to look hot with all you fine ladies as we hit the town!! I am really going to try to be at 180's range by September, that would be amazing!!! Now there is that little thing with the 5k, I am so down, it will be fun to run with a posse for support, and quite  honestly I am really competetive and I want to rock this 5K. That means run - not walk it, and make it in around 30 mins. I am going to diligently do the Couch to 5K bit which will last me until August and then I will just work on improving my time!! So that thing zooming through the 5K, well that will be me!!!

As for the Summer challenge - some you out there are AMAZING - 4% in just one week, talk about incredible. I lost 4 lbs exactly! Apparently my body likes to be at something.6, I was 210.6 starting and then 206.6 on sunday. I saw 205 last week, but then I went crazy with finals and had a Reese's cup extravaganza (along with a few of his evil friends, chips, frozen hotchocolates, etc) then my bestie, Ms. period decided to come for a visit and well, now you see I was up by a bit. This does bring me hope that this week will be a big loss tho :) Now I see how tough this competition is going to be, and quite frankly all I have to say it bring it on!! In fact this has lead me to want to go all crazy and try to reach wonderland this week, yes ladies and gentilmen, I will be attempting a wopping 7 lb loss, and you know what if I don't make it I will be fine, but if I do well then that will be quite an accomplishment don't cha think. Here is why I think I can do it, I lost 4 lbs and didn't do much of anything, I didn;t work out (besides making out with the new boy which by the way is rather nice ;) ) I ate like a copious amounts of bad bad food, had some drinks and started my period, so therefore I most definately think that 7 lbs is possible.

Here are my possible obsticles, I am on my period so all I want is chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate, oh yea and add in a little peanutbutter with a side of icecream! And even worse than that, I am spending the week at my parents. This is where all my bad habits began, this is the place that I walk in the door and my first habit is to open the fridge and scope out the goodies - isn't that terrible. Plus, my family just doesn't understand how to shop for healthy food, I woke up this morning and the only thing to eat was sugary cereal, she had no healthy cerial, no high protein yogurt, I mean nothing that resembles healthy eating. This upsets me because, my mom got banded with me and while she has lost some weight, its not too impressive 40lbs in a year, I don't want to say anything, because this is her journey, but its very hard for me to find food for me in this house. So I have informed her that today we are going to the grocery, I am not going to do this, I am not going to eat crap and feel like crap because I am home visisting, I am going to continue my journey, and hopefully me being here will help her, if not ohh well.

Well, I am now off to the park for a run now, have a good monday!!!


The Shrinking Rini said...

Congrats on the weight loss, and the makeout sessions with the new boy! I can't wait to meet you in Chicago!

I can totally relate to bad eating habits when visiting parents. Going back home makes me realize how I got as fat as I did. I never learned healthy eating habits as a child or adolescent. I feel so fortunate that I have learned. Better late than never! I look forward to having kids and being able to break the cycle and teach them from a young age to look at food as fuel for their bodies.

Drazil said...

WAHOOZLE! I'm so excited you're coming!!!! Yippee!

Jenny said...

Glad you're coming to Chicago!

Jennifer said...

YIPPPPPEEE!!! Can't wait to meet you!

Girl Bandit said...

Yayyyyyyy. If I can come all the way from Australia not knowing anyone you can come with Liz...can't wait to meet you both. How is the man???

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

Wooo hoo!!!! GREAt WL btw, super!!!! Damn woman, I need to skidaddle if I'm going to keep up or compete with you. I'm still at 210.....damn!!! I'll work it out! You're doing great!

Band-Babe said...

I'm the same way at my parents house. They have stuff I grew up loving... and sometimes the only will power I have is going home!

Happy to hear you'll be going to Chicago. I think lots of BOOBs were a little nervous, too.

BTW, I love the title of your blog.

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