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Hello my lovely lasses!

Ok, so I saw some progress this week down to 204.6. I don't know what the deal is with this .6 shananogans but whatever its an even 2 lbs so I'll take it. But I must say hearing this craziness about people losing 5 lbs in one week makes me a little frustrated, I can't compete with that amazing stuff. I guess I could be losing more weight, but that means I need to buckle down, work out not only daily but for at least 30mins and you know eat good. But I don't do much of any of that :(

So my hope to see wonderland by my 1 year day seems impossible now. That would mean 1 4.7 lbs in 2 days. I am going to try hard, but if I have only lost 83 or so lbs by my date, I guess that will till be good! It would just be nice. I know that soon, very soon I will get to see that amazing number and well, that is just going to have to be good enough :S

OK, my BYOC commitment was to journal everyday. And I was thinking what better way to pressure myself into eating healthfully than to publish my eating, today was not so good, but after having to show you all, I think I will get better, ha ha hopefully at least.

3/4 of a packet of oatmeal, high protein kind

1 mini desert at work
1 handful of brown rice
2 cone cups of lemonade w/ syrup

chips and salsa and guac
shrimp and grilled veggies with 1 corn tortilla
1/3 xango (its a cheese cake wrapped in fried dough with chocolate and whip cream yummo!)

extra dark chocolate bar
cup of skim milk

Ok so I did it you all know now what a terrible eater I am!!! But tomorrow is a new day and now that I will be telling you all I will eat as good as I can! ha ha


Janelle said...

It is hard watching some of them lose so much, but losing 2 pounds per week and 83 in 1 year is nothing to ignore! It is GREAT weight loss.

Drazil said...

Yes - keep your BYOC promise or Sheniqua's new home will be with YOU. HA - LOL.

Beth said...

oh, well than I will most definately keep my promise!! I want to keep Sheniqua as far from me as possible!! HA HA

amandakiska said...

ONLY 83 lbs. in a year!!!! Do you hear yourself?

You are amazing!

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