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Hello one and all. I would just like to say thankyou to all you supportive amazing blogsters out there who commented on my pictures from the last post, you lift me up so much and you are why I know no matter where I am I always have a family of people to love and support me and not judge me ( well maybe judge me, but in a loving and contructive critism sort of way) - tear. Also I don't know why I don't know how but somehow over the last few days I have become one popular girl, I now have 50 followers - so hello out there to all you newbees wellcome to my rediculous world! Oh and I am working on adding all of you guys too, but sometimes I'm a slacker especially with finals underway, if you leave me a comment I am much more likely to add you ;)

So this is completely non band related, but guess what my world does not revolve around weightloss - wow that may be a new NSV!! Ok well I haven't told you all about this because well, for me its a little embarassing, I feel like a bit of wierdo. On Monday I was procrastinating writing my essay for class (not surprisingly that is what I am doing again right now ha ha) and so I just for fun signed up for this free online 'connecting' site which basically is an online dating site. I was just playing around looking through profiles and started winking at guys I thought were hot, I figured what can it hurt, ya know. Well eventually I started chatting with this guy and he didn't seem like a total loser or weirdo and after about two hours of IMing I decided I would go on a lunch date with him. Is that a bad idea??

Ok here's what I know about him, he is 24, he has a job, he goes to school for his associates in computer science. He used to be a kickboxer (aka he's wider which me likes very much). He is from Morocco, he speakes three languages, english, french, and arabic. He lives in a nice part of the city and we have several common interests socially, although he doesn't seem to like nightlife quite like this dancing queen does (what can I say, I like ta boogie). From his pictures he's pretty cute, he's taller than me (you have no idea how much of a plus that is!!) dark haired and darker complection. I know - what is the worse that can happen, I have a bad date. I have to get my feet wet sometime right.

Another issue: we are going to a french bistro for breakfast. I am so busy it was really the only time I could do it. So during the time of day when I am tightest, I am going to have to try to eat bread! What am I thinking, I am going to vom all over the table and he is going to run for dear life!

Or what if he takes one look at me and runs for dear life? I used pictures that are truly me, the one from a few blogs ago of me in my jeans and the green top and the one of me looking down in the black speckled target dress. But who know what if he doesn't like what he sees? Also what do I wear? I am planning to wear the coral dress from the target pics. Is that casual enough for the moring, I don't want to look too dressed up, I don't want to look too desperate. Ohh this is obviously stressful for me, I am so bad at dating.

 OK well, let me know what you think, do I go on this date or cancel and if I do what are your thoughts on all the craziness I just unloaded?? Love ya ladies


TracyZ said...

Go on the date. It's just a date. You don't have to convert your religion to have lunch with the guy. Maybe he is Muslim and maybe he's not but you'll never know how compatible you are if you don't give it shot. Worst case scenario - you meet him, don't like him, and move on to the next date! ;)

Good Luck!!

Monica said...

I laughed at this part "So this is completely non band related, but guess what my world does not revolve around weightloss - wow that may be a new NSV!!"

I dont know about the date. People are so crazy these days, unibomber or not. Id suggest talking a few more times before meeting. But if youre totally rolling your eyes at me right now, just go! LOLOLO!

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Speaking as a "Mom" whatever you do please make sure you tell someone where and when you are going to be! Do not get in his car. Do not give him you address....yet. Take your time if you like him. Okay, enough said. Have fun!

Sarah said...

It's just a date, not a wedding. Go, be cautious, but go! Every relationship has to start somewhere.

Beth said...

Oh for everyone's information I am paranoid, about 4 of my besties know where I am going what time and I have told them all if I don't text them by 11:30 to be alarmed!!!! I am very very very aware of that aspect

Sarah said...

I'm kind of with Miss Vickie - tell someone what your plans are. Also, I think you should go and try it out - maybe get an omlette or yogurt if they have it? And it is just a date - breakfast date at that - see how it goes - no need to worry about the religion/politics/other stuff now! Good luck and have fun!

Maria said...

Oh man, the joys of online dating! I say go for it. It's just a date. Have fun. And very very very small bites of bread! ;)

Carmen said...

go on the date!! i've done the whole online dating thing, and agree w/ miss vickie, just be sure to tell someone where you are going & who with, but you are smart enough to know that :-) as far as the whole muslim thing goes, it's only ONE date, and you will definitely be able to tell if you being a strong woman is a problem for him! one step at a time baby :-)

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

So cute! I'm the same way, totally OVER THINKING IT! I say go on the date, the coral dress is perfect, avoid the bread if you can, have a good time. If the 1st date goes well, then I'd ask him how "radical" he is or is not. No need to worry about him supressing you before you even go on 1 date. Take a chance, be in public, no 1st date nooky, and just have a good time! relax! But I know what you're filling, I flipped too, I started dating again back in January! Ugh!!!! Good luck sweetie!

Beth said...

no 1st date nooky - nice liz haha

Girl Bandit said...

Go for sure not to give him much personal info about where you live etc...forget the religion stuff and make sure you let him know what your life is like honestly that way he knows about you...oh and have fun!!!

Em said...

The good thing about the internet is that it allows you to connect with people you'd never meet otherwise. The bad thing is they (and you!) can basically say anything you want to - not necessarily the truth! That said, go and have fun. Make sure you tell someone where you're going and don't give out personal info for a while. I wouldn't worry to much about the religion stuff yet - see where it goes! I'd be more worried about cultural differences than religious!

Breakfast? don't have bread! You can usually get fruit salad and yoghurt or something like that. Or ask for scrambled eggs, no toast.

Good luck! Hope it goes well! Or has it already been? I've been slack on reading blogs! haha!

Em :)

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