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Good day mates!

Ohh, what a very eventful weekend!

Friday, I went downtown with my girlfriends to this new club called Cantina, I love it, it has a hispanic theme to it and they play good reggeatton, salsa, and latino music mixed with pop. Its fun, I invited J, that is what we will call the new boy. He met us out there. He doesn't drink, but he dances so I thought this would be fun, as I love to go out and dance! Wierd thing was tho, he wouldn't touch me, I am not forward, when it comes to dating I absolutely do not make first moves on anything, I'll get to those issues later. Ok, so I was starting to get a little worried after Friday. Oh and when it got hot, we went and sat outside and talked and religion came up,he is Muslim, I don't know if that will be an issue but it definately was making me worried that this no touchy stuff was going to be a long term thing - and I was worried.

Sunday, we met, went to the movies at 12:00 and I will admit that I hadn't eaten yet so I was t-i-g-h-t! And where do we go, Subway (it was right beside the movie theater) so I am trying, trying trying to chew chew chew and by the time I had had 4 bites I could feel the restriction and wanted to stop, but he's watching me, he even commented that I only got a 6'' while he got a foot long, and the 6 year old in front of us was getting a footlong. But I just said, well, I don't eat much and he let it go. But anyway at least the the movie started at 12:25, so we just ran out of time to eat, or so he thought I had been done for 10 mins and was just talking to him trying to pretend that I was more interested in the conversation than eating, when really I was looking around for a bathroom because I feel the sliming creeping up. Sometime shortly I know I am gonna have to tell him!
So we go to the movie ( ohh yeah, he paid for both the movie tickets and the lunch and coffee after, so my little worry about breakfast was for nothing :) ) We sit beside each other, but every time my arm grazes his, he kind of moves his arm away - and I'm thinking, ohh no this is not just a one night thing. We leave the movies walk over to Tim Horton's and have coffees and talk for like 2 hours, it was great. He is so complimentary! He tells me I'm beautiful ALL the time and is so funny and interesting - oh and that accent! Well we walk back to our cars and go our seperate ways, no hug, no nothing. Here's my problem, he's so hot, he so charming, he's so amazing that all I want to do is kiss him, so for him to not make the move well, it was driving me bonkers!!!
So bonkers that I called one of my besties who is Muslim and was like what the fuck, I really like him and all I've already told you above. I told her I like but I cannot be in a relationship with someone and not be physical, I just can't. I'm not saying I want to get naked with the man ( at least not right away ;) ) but at least cuddling and kissing, I must know!! Her answer was that she doubted that he was that conservative especially since he had had other girlfreinds and he was just taking things slow.
So then we are exchanging texts and he says how he really likes me because I am different from the other American girls he's dated. I asked how so and here's his answer: all the other girls try to sleep with me on the first date. And I thought, well here is my way to inch into this conversation. So I asked him how he felt and stuff and I told him I don't want to rush things but I do want to be physical. And he just said he didn't want to move too fast for me, but that he kisses and cuddles, and does EVERYTHING else ( score!!).
Eventually, at 2:30 I message him about how I am sick of studying and I go over to his apartment to hang out - let me clear something up I made it specifically clear that I was not going to be sleeping with him ANYTIME soon and I texted a friend the address in case I disappeared! So I get there at three we watch part of a movie and I am fallinf asleep, he takes me to his bed and he sleeps on the couch! He really is such a gentilman.
At 7 when I wake up he jumps in the bed and talks about how his back hurts and teases me that its my fault. We joke and play and he tries to teach me some French with the early bright sun peaking through the blinds and the birds chirping - it was a perfect scene if you ask me!  Bt 8 he is holding me and we are cuddling and my head is on his shoulder - it was so nice. He keeps catching me looking at his lips and laughs, but doesn't say why even though I know he just caught me thinking about kissing him. And finally as my alarm went off at 9:00 he started kissing me, like he waited and teased me for 2 hours on purpose - in fact he did and he told me so later! It was good, it was nice and so all the touching and kissing problems are now no mas, except for the fact that he keeps teasing me about how his 'background' doesn't stop him from doing this or that or whatever.
My favorite part was when we sat on the couch and cuddled while I studied for my exam, I read while he put his hands through my hair and carressed my hands and was just so sweet! I really really like the guy. Oh so you can get a visual of the hottness, here's a pic of us from this morning. Le prince charmant et moi

Well, he's so very hansome, at least I think so! Even is we both have next to no sleep! There's plenty more I can update you all on later, but for now I should be writing a paper and my hands hurt from typing so much!!!


-Grace- said...

In the words of my BFF, I might not be buying what he's selling, but I can window shop! He is very handsome!!! Go girl! :)

Jacquie said...

Well, he sure is a handsome devil. I will tell you what I tell my own daughters though...just go slow! Oh, and have fun too!

Girl Bandit said...

Sounds like a gem and do not rushit by sleeping with him...enjoy it how it is now. I think he is the kinda guy who will respect you more if you don't. I am glad it is working out.

Girl Bandit said...

Oh and he is very cute!!!

Carmen said...

lol love grace's comment! :-)

love the story, very romantic! he is hot and you make a super hot couple!! good luck :-)

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

He is cute! I love all the dark features! I say take it slow too. All the cuddling and stuff is just so much fun!!!

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

I admit he is very handsome. I know how difficult it is to go slow. You are doing great! Take your time bella mia!!!

Angie said...

He's so so so cute, you look so cute together!

I'm excited for you that it's all working out! Keep us updated, I love these posts!

Jenny said...

So excited for you! Love it!!

Sumer said...

You will have beautiful babies!! LOL. He is quite handsome.

Em said...

Very cute! No harm in taking it slow either!

Em :)

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