Be who you are and say what you feel because those that care do not matter and those that matter do not care 
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I got an award!!

Hi all, This will not be my last post for the night I'm sure, I am trying to catch up on your blogs, but unfortunately I am still on Friday!!! ooof its gonna take me awhile, gives me lots to prcrastinate with ha ha. Well I was reading and I saw that a few people were getting awards, and well I turned into a little middle school kid again and thought, I wish someone would like me enough to give me an award and was feeling bad and then I read on and .... I'll be I got one too! So yeah, I am one of the cool kids ha ha! Thanks Maria! (By the way I don't know how to get the names of bloggers highlighted so it goes straight to your blog, so if someone knows how to do that let me know plz) OK OK now for the 7 things no one knows about me:

1: I am fluent in Spanish, yes ladies if I wanted to I could write this blog in spanish, it may not be perfect grammar, but damn close. I can talk, write, speak and I am not scared to use it, I spent my first night of study abroad in Mexico alone (I came before the group) and partied all night with the bartenders (all Mexican) speaking only Spanish and had no issues, I rarely toot my horn but with this one I will!!

2. I have about 4 movies that I watch continuously and I never buy new ones or watch anything else, I don't know why but they are almost like comfort food to me they make me feel better when Im nervous or hurting - its weird I know. They are(in order from the what I watch most) : A Cinderella Story, Sweet Home Alabama, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Fools Rush in.

3.  I am so0o0o vain. I may be the most vain or self conscious person in the world, every possible chance I can see my reflection I check it, sometimes I like it sometimes I don't but if there is a mirror or a window or hell a water puddle I will check my reflection. When I get caught I feel like an ass.

4. Today I bought a whole package of extra dark chocolate bars and put them in the freezer - that may have been a bad idea! :S

5. I can only wink with one eye. I try really hard to wink with the other, but its useless I cannot do it and when people have me try they think its halarious, I guess I make a crazy face.

6. I reread my posts about 2 times after I have posted them and fix gramatical errors or reword things I don't like

7. I read the entire Harry Potter series in one week and did not go to sleep until I finished the 7th book, it took like a day and a half, but I just had to know what happened. I loved the series but the movies not so much.

Now for who I will be sending my award to hmmmm:

1. CoCo at CurvasPeligrosas -
2. Angie at I am in Repair
3.Nella at Skinny B---H

4.Rini at My Big Fat Life
5.Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou at Mine & Betty’s LapBaNd JoUrNey! -
6.Camille at Living large in CC
7.Meli at Love Meli Meli

XOXO ... and Like I said this Will NOT be my last blog for the day, I have to catch up with you all and then I will give you all the low down on my life this week!!


Jenny said...

1 week for the whole series?! I thought I was fast!!

Carmen said...

i LOVE sweet home alabama! "you have a a bar!"
i read the 1st 4 harry potter books in 2 days while sitting in the waiting room of a hospital

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

Hey awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT AN AWARD! tHANK you so much sweetie! And the thing with the movies and winking, that's so cute!

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