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Blogging Backlash

I have been quite a bit more active in blog world lately and have decided instead of being a silent observer, to participate a little, ya know make comment etc. Well apparently my comments are not always wanted, necessary, or appreciated. And I'm sure I would have learned this and would have a tougher skin about it if I had actually been participating before, so this is my first "butt out, you don't know what your talking about' moment, and I must say I am quite taken aback! So I was reading a blog I follow and she was complaining about being on a plateau and how she's been at a certain weight for a month and blah, blah, blah, ya know the deal we all go on rants at some point about being stuck. Well I was reading and saw she was saying she was eating around 800 calories a day, so I suggested maybe that she was eating too little and her metabolism was slowing down.

Well Apparently that was wrong, and there is no scientific evidence that your body goes into starvation mode and she went on to quote some science magazine or something. All I was doing was delivering the very useful information that MY DOCTOR had given me. Which was drink lots and lots of water, eat SOLID foods (so your metabolism recognizes that you ARE eating and gets revved up) and to EAT because too little was not going to get you to a smaller weight! My doctor has had lap-band surgery and lost all of his weight, and when I follow what he says, the pounds just melt off, so I thought I would be helpful and give some advice - Nope.

She is apparently doing everything right and her body is still not cooperateing. But here's my thing if its just a numbers game and to lose a pound you have to burn 3,500 calories and thats it then explain to me how I could eat thousands of calories on Adkins and still lose weight, or how can it be that I only eat 1,200 calories a day ( deficit for me of 1,000 calories as I am 5'11) and I burn about 400 + calories the 5 times I work out and I am not losing over 3 pounds every single week. Because food / nutrition science, the dieting world is not an exact science and we do not have any solid evidence for alot of things. Everyone's body is different and sometimes you have to do certain things to maintain weight loss, switch things up a bit and IN MY OPINION, if you just think that your body has a golden number of crunching in and results come out then you will see it in results.

OK enough with my rant. I am being a little too sensitive. I just wanted to get it out and now I'm done. I've learned my lesson, butt out unless someone says they want advice because when it comes to something as sensitive as our weights we all seem to be experts, even if we all are overweight and trying to lose it (is it just me or is this ironic?)


Angie said...

I don't wanna start a war here... But she's being ridic. I lose 105lbs eating min 1200 cals a day. Could I have eaten 500 less? Maybe. BUT WHY?!

Jennifer said...

When I up my calories while on a plateau I will always show a loss in the next few days. (Usually the very next morning) There is no way science is on our side with this. I don't believe calories in calories out. It's just not possible in regards to losing with the band. I have eaten so little and lost nothing but turned around and ate MORE and lost weight. Also what about gaining after the liquid diet? You go off of it after a month - eat one Tiiiiiny meal and gain THREE lbs. NO WAY. It's not science. I wish I knew WHAT it was because then I'd be a millionaire.
Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm happy to be following you now!

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