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Dr. Suess

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So lately in the eating department I must say I got it going on, for the most part ( excuse the mid day sugar binge yesterday) I have a good handle on my food, how much I eat, my protein, and of course the H2O factor. Well that is fine and dandy when I am just having a regular day of work and home and studying and being a normal student.
Well I am not one of those students that has the privilege of living off loans or having their parents help them out during school, or having a rich benefactor take care of their needs (although I am definitely looking for one, any takers??) SO I have to work to cover books, living expenses, etc... (AKA vodka tonics!) SO I serve, I love it, its fast paced, you meet alot of fun people, and you make good money. But (and its a big butt, ohh that's a bad pun) there is one thing that is not so good. I cannot control my food environment, and that is where things go crazy. I am lucky in that I work at a stir fry place, so the actual entrees are not at my reach, I'd have to go through the line and pick out my ingredients, which also makes me lucky because I can make sure healthy meals at work this way. But, that doesn't mean that we do not have the real problems at my reach - deserts! We have a cooler in the back with reese's bits, oreo cookie peices, the most delicous brownies, apple pie, we these little mouse things that are to die for and they slide right down like a kid on a slippin slide lined with baby oil! Chocolate mousse, reese's mousse, oreo mousse, and cheese cake ohh la la I died and went to a sugar factory! Well I have to restrain myself or I could eat 1000's of calories at work because I have so much access to these things and I am real good at hiding food (I've been doing it for 10 yrs now). Today, I did OK I had a bit of the cookie bits and one bite of reese's bits! Non of the moussey stuff. Below are picture to the left we have the dredded dessert caddy which I have to take to every table and entice people to buy them, so I have to look at them over and over and over again and tell myself, I don't need to eat these things, they are not that tastey and I will be fine without eating them. in the middle are the yummy bits of candy I was talking about and to the right are the brownies and apple pie, its torture!

I just got home and my roomate has people over, and they have food, so I just had a bowl of doritos, we'll see tomorrow morning if the junk food bites me in the ass!



Girl Bandit said...

I can see why some of that is hard to resist...good luck on the scales

Jacquie said...

Dorito's are evil! I know...I ate them yesterday and the scale is confirming just how evil. Hope you have a better experience with them!

Jenny said...

I don't know if I could work in the food industry for that reason. Too much temptation for me!

Nella said...

I am a total sugar addict and would eat and eat and eat! You are a trouper! Stay on it.
Also, your dates are incorrect - Feb and March should be 2010??

Beth said...

ha ha thanks!! fixed it

Sparkler said...

I know this is a little late, but I've just joined your blog and read your 'rant' I actually saw the rant you were ranting about and did think it was very harsh...touched a raw nerve there, was what I was thinking and I felt sorry for the then unknown commenter. I also have found from experience that I don't get the results I want from going too low in body actually loses less when I eat too little. I suspect that she was just feeling really frustrated by the refusal of her body to abide by the rules as she saw them and you were just collateral damage. Don't let it put you off commenting and offering advice in future. xx

Bianca J said...

Hi Beth!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you now and looking forward to catching up on your posts.

All that delicious looking food would be too tempting for me.

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