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Dr. Suess

my ticker

my ticker

I have worked out everyday for the last 5 days!!! (I'm so proud of myself) I decided that I needed to switch things up, so I signed up for the exercise classes at the gym at my school. I have been doing the same routines for a while and quite frankly I don't do as much as I should, so I thought maybe a few classes and having someone else push me would be a good idea. So Monday was a cycle sculpt class, first half sculpting, I'm talking , weights and medicine balls, lunges and squats, the whole sha-bang, and then followed by 40 minutes of a cycling class, talk about getting you arse kicked! The great thing was, about two years ago I took that class and my butt hurt so bad after I couldn't walk for days, not because I was sore from the work out, but from the bike seat! It was horrifying, my butt just didn't fit on that small seat and it ingrained in my butt and I felt like I had a pole stuck up my rear for days - needless to say I never took the class again. So when I finished the class and wasn't feeling like a poker went through me (anally) I was tickled!

Well so the next day I took a class called shake it! It is so much fun, its a dance class, the teacher has alot of fun moves and we do dances to all kinds of popular hip hop music. Our warm up dance was to the Slum dog Millionaire song, and that was really cool, a lot of the moves were like the moves in the dance after the movie ( I love that movie by the way!!!) I'm sure I looked rediculous, as that I have very bad rhythm, but I was too focused on the dance moves to pay attention to either myself or anyone else so my hope is that was the case with everyone else too!!!

Wednesday I went on a light walk with my mom and her friend and daughter, we have all had some sort of weight loss surgery, my mom's friend has gastric bypass several years ago, her daughter had the band about 2 or three and my mom and I got our bands in July so we have a really great connection and are a great source f support for each other.

Yesterday I took a hip-hop aerobics class, not as good as the Shake it class, and it definately showed how uncoordinated I am, but I am having fun and hopefully it will help make me more coordinated!

Today I ran walked for 30 minutes. I upped my running from 2 mins of 4.5 walking and 1 min at 6.3 running, to 2 min of both, its hard and I did all but one interval of which I walked. I am just getting over a respiratory infection so I just felt like I couldn't breath and needed to walk for awhile after 20 minutes of keeping up with the intervals. This makes me really happy! I want to be a runner, you know one of those super frikkin awesome people that wake up in the morning and run 5 miles like its there job, that is one of my dreams! At this rate it may take me about a year to do it, but I will be a runner! I am revving up that goal by starting to run 5ks on the weekends. Here in Columbus, they have alot of 5 ks on the weekends, so I am going to register for a bunch and just try to get better and better each time! My only goal for the first one is to finish it, but I would like to finish it in less than an hour! Wish me luck because I'm NERVOUS.


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