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A Collage of Photoes

So here are some long awaited photoes, and right here I will stop and let you know that I know the spelling is wrong, but if you say it like that( British accent style) it is so much more fun, just try it and you'll understand! Hopefully y'all will notice more of a difference than I do, I know I have obviously lost weight, but since I look at myself and whatever I don't feel like I look all that different.

OK so these are from a week before my surgery, I showed these in one of my first blogs but I figure it would be good to give a starting point. Now looking at it I definitely can tell a difference in my face, which looks oh so chubby.

These next pictures are from I'm going to guess around July, about a month after my surgery, I strategically took the left one from up above which as we all know, and I think NeNe mentioned a few blogs ago, it makes you look much thinner, which is always a plus for anybody! The one on the right is probably a more honest depiction of how I looked, you even get to see the nice little bat wing I have on one of my arms ( they are wore now tho).

These next photoes (ohh it really is so fun, I smile just by thinking it in my head :) are from alittle cruise I took in October, 4 months after surgery. I really hate my arms in the top middle, or even in general, my upper arm fat is hanging on for dear life, its kind of annoying, but slowly its fading. Oh and the bottom left photoe :), first of all I was on a cruise, so I had a cigarette, I don't smoke often, but when I'm drinking and with smokers I do so yea that all I have to say about that, oh yea and my thigh embarrass me, but I am proud to say that I was in public, with those thighs and in a bathing suite, that for me is something to be proud of because I have usually tried to cover or would stay away from areas such as these so kudos for me for that.

Coming up next we have some more recent picture from the beginning of March (7 months in), I bought two new dresses and showed them off to my room mate who took a few shots for me, I don't look very hot seeing as I have no make up on and my hair is a mess, but you can see my body, oh yea and I am sure proud because the gray one is a 14!!!!! I really do look a hot mess seeing as I was obviously due to wash my hair and I have no make up on so I do apologize :) This is strange also because as I look at these pictures ( I'm starting to feel redundant, even if it was so much fun!) my thighs, which by the was I loath, don't look so bad, they even appear to have some tone to them, but in real life they don't look nearly that smooth, really

So now we come to the present, these three pictures are from about two weeks ago, I went to the store and bought a few things, one being the Victoria's Secret Magnificent Bra, and they were not kidding, it is MAGNIFICENT!!!!! I have some itty bittys (if ya know what I mean) so this actually evens my small upper half out with my quite voluptuous hips, thighs, butt region. So yea I took a few pictures of a new dress I bought and I am wearing my new life changing bra.

So yeah, thats what's been up with me, I read every bodies bloggs, I just am realy bad with keeping up with my own, as I have school, work, exercise, a short semblance of a social life, oh yea and I volunteer for a non-profit in the city, but I shall try to be more reliable



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