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Hello all y'all out these in blogger world!

So here's the 'issue' of the day.I've been sick, I had a respiratory infection last week and I'm still trying to get over it and taking antibiotics and the whole deal. Well last night I stayed over at the significant others house and he was complaining about my nose being all clogged and gave me a mucinex (aww he's so kind) well those damn horse pills do not work well with my band. I do not think it has completely dissolved yet, as I can feel pressure. Its annoying and it makes it hard to eat, as I get filled super quick! Maybe this is all in my head, maybe the pill was just there long enough to make my band just a little irritated and I'm just feeling the swolleness, but in my head I have a huge mucinex stuck in my poor little pouch and I would like it to kindly find its way out of there!

Oh and ever since yesterday my eating habits have been not exceptional (AKA I had 2 of those moussey things from work! eek) and so I'm avoiding my scale, as I know he's just going to break my heart!


Girl Bandit said...

Hope you get better soon

Jenny said...

Ugh, being sick stinks! Can you cut those pills in half next time?

Nella said...

Take care!

Maria said...

Ugh. I got a Mucinex stuck once. I hope it went though ok for you! I remember I ended up barfing it up, but all that was left was the little mesh outline of pill. Dang extended release pills!

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