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May WILL be my month! Its time to cut the bullshit, no more excuses, no more allowing myself to have an 'off'' day, no more saying:' ohh but I'm on my period, I need a bag of Reese's.' Its over, I am in control of my body and its time to start asserting that control. I have decided this will be MY month, I am not going to go all crazy and think I will get to ONEDERLAND, but I will be damned close, and I will make my 18lb loss goal for my doc's appointment on May 28th, so that means I will weigh 206 on that pesky dr.'s scale that day come hell or high water. That is going to be a whopping 13ish lbs this month, I'm up for the challenge and I am ready to kick some fat right out of my thighs!

How say you do I PLAN on accomplishing dais goal? Well, as a matter of fact I have a plan (go figure), and it goes something like this:
5/7 - 213
5/14 - 210
5/21 -208
5/28 - 206
So those are the mini goals, the hardest one will be the first, but that why I made it the first so I can take some of this momentum, my energy and use it the power for good! Now really, what am I going to do?? 3 meals, one of those will be a protein bar ( I'm thinking dinner as that is the time I usually start to stray), two snacks daily of high protein, healthy choices. Water, water, water! I will also watch my carb, not count them, not go crazy anal OCD person, just watch them! Also the salt must be kept in check, I am not going to miss my gola because of some darned water weight-oh hell no! And finally I will work out 5-6 times a week, 1 hour of cardio. This is upping my cardio by 30 mins for many days, but I know I need to really work hard to get these results, and I want this more than I want to be lazy, so its time to put up or shut up Beth!
Now there is that pesky little situation with my trouble times/ places. I know I have to recognize work as a hazard zone, I go there and I turn into a sugar vulture, as if I have been starvin and I just nibble, nibble, nibble on everything. SO how to stop that, I could say, well I just won;t do it, mind over matter right? WRONG, I should know by now that mind over matter doesn't work too well, if it did I would have been 160lbs and not needed banded. SO I am going to use the time old tradition of bribery! I have printed out a calendar and will be putting stars on it for every day I work that I do not eat one mousse, not one Reese's bits, no deserts, also I am including the lemonades we have as I have a tendency to go nuts with that, and the rice with soy. After 20 stickers, I am getting a prize (I know this is so juvenile, but I need some incentive) I will be buying myself a new purse!

That takes care of most everything, but I do have one issue I do not know how to deal with. How do control sugar cravings? And how do you keep yourself from binges? I will be a perfect bander all day and then eat 3 candy bars and screw everything up. When I am under the haze of a binge there is no stopping me, its scary and annoying because afterward I feel guilty, I feel dumb, like why did you just do that, it was totally unnecessary, but I still do. If I could just learn to control that I would be a changed woman, so if y'all have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!



Girl Bandit said...

Sounds like a plan. Don't be so hard on yourself you have done so well. Sugar....hmmm....I don't disallow anything but only have it if I really feel like it. Not much help really am i???

Maria said...

You can do it, Beth! I agree with Girl Bandit. I still allow myself treats -- otherwise I would explode with cravings.

Bianca J said...

You can do it but don't beat yourself. You've already accomplised so much.

Have you tried Luna bars? I used to be a chocolate bar junkie, well sugar in all its lovely forms was my downfall. If I want something sweet I have a Luna Bar, there's lots of different flavours, approx 10grams of protein and I it really hits the spot. I used to eat 2 or 3 chocolate bars in one sitting and one Luna is always enough.

Gen said...

Hi Beth! best advice is to limit it as much as you can - and eat protein bars (or Luna like Bianca suggested) to satisfy the craving. Try Atkins bars. They do not have real sugar and will not have the same effect on your blood sugar. The problem with sugar is the more you eat...the more you want!

I love that you have a plan. You can do it!

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog!

Michelle said...

I would follow the above advice. I am new to following your blog.

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