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Fill update and NSVs

Hello one and all! I hope everyone is having a great memorial day weekend and enjoying their sunday. I am having one of those days where nothing could bring me down. I am in such a good mood!!!

So Friday I went to my fill appointment. I weighed in at 212, not too shabby (I would have liked to be at 206 as that would have 2 lbs a week, but whatevs) I am now 12 lbs from 200 - I am so excited!! That leaves me with 12 lbs to lose this month to hit my personal goal of 85lbs by my bandiversary. I know that is a little steep, but I know that if I am diligent and I work hard I can lose 3 lbs a week. At my appointment I got a .25 cc fill, and I can definately feel er in there. So that makes me even more open minded to thinking this is a doable goal!

Some NSVs: Last night I went out! It was one of my besties' birthday, so we went down town had a few drinks and did some dancing. I hadn't seen a few of these girls in a few months and they told me how good I look and how I look like I've lost a lot of weight. And I as always humbly said well, yea, and went on. I dont really want my weightloss to be in the lime light, because I don't know what to do with it, I have learned though I will take in the complements and give myself aa pat on the back for them because i put in the work so I should reep the rewards! So last night we were dancing and I ended up dancing with this guy - and he was normal, a really good dancer and nice and fun!! It was great, I needed the ego boost, ohhh and as we were leaving, I heard him say to his friends, 'she's leaving, what should I do', so that was cool. I sound like such a 16 year old right now, but I never got to be young and hot so now I am experiencing it and yes, I am a little like a 16 yrs old. I also went to the grocery today, and I think I am notincing it now, men at the counters say hi to you and look at you in the eyes, that very politeness is something that I never got before. You know what else I love and have been getting alot lately, I will be walking on campus, at the store, just random places and girls will complement my clothes, now that feels awsome!! There is nothing more gratifying than a random girl givng you a complement, seeing as we can be pretty viscious, at least in my experience.  My final NSV is kind of wierd, so now that I am losing weight, my hip bones are beginning to stick out more and they do not have that lovely layer of protective fat they used to. Well at work there are a bunch of island walls and such and I am so clumbsy and have terible depth perception, so I run into them all the time. Well yesterday I did that and hit my hip bone, and it hurt so damn bad I kneeled over in pain for like 5 mins. It was awful, but I know it is because I no longer have all that fat covering my hip bones, so yea??? I know that one is a weird NSV, also another thing I notice at work is now that I am almost 75 lbs down, my feet do not hurt nearly as much as they used to I worlked all day yesterday, and worked Friday night, and I have running and excersixing and I went dancing and today my feet do not hurt! That is wonderful!! Thank you band!

Well. y'all have a marvelous weekend!


Monica said...

So um your blog just completely lifted my spirits, thank you soooo much!

I totally get your NSV's and why youre so happy about them, I miss human contact, even if it is only people looking you in the eye or just being a decent person towards me. Those are also things to look forward too!

Thank you for your kindness on my blog. I needed encouragement so bad, I tend to get too down on myself but as previously mentioned, you helped me feel a lot better and taught me how to look at things in a new light! TY TY TY TY TY

Nella said...

Work that HOT body BABY!
Love when the bones stick out a bit...never thought I would hear myself saying that! Oh yeah, just ate some chicken and pasta...NO PROBS! I am stressing myself out when we eat out with friends! CRAP!

Beth said...

you'll figure it out, sometimes it just takes us longer to adjust than our bodies!!!

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

Just found your blog! I totally agree with everything you said in that blog. All those NSV's are all things I celebrated very recently, even the hip bone thing! :D I get it!!! And I think we were banded right around the same time, mine was June 19th and I'm 67 lbs down, down to 211! So we are real close! I need to catch up with what's been going on on your blog!

Girl Bandit said...

Fatastic and it is great to see you out and enjoying life too. Keep up the great work

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