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I am in desperate need of new music, I haven't downloaded anything for like a year! There is something wrong with my I-tunes, for some reason I cannot connect to the I-tunes store! It says: iTunes could not connect to the iTUnes store. The network connection timed out. Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, then try again. Any suggestions?? I just some music :( Oh and I tried to play with one time and it told I had some sort of error I think it was like 11222 or something, it was only 1's and 2's  and it had me download this RegCure to "fix" it, but they want me to pay them money to repair it and I think its just a bogus way to get you to pay moneys so pa-lease help a girl out. I am so not a techy girl!


Bianca J said...

Do you have the latest version of the itunes software installed? If not, check for an update it may eliminate the bug. Sorry I can't be more help. Good luck!

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